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La Champagne à l'heure du thé

Whether you prefer green tea, black tea or even white tea, you will find in this article all you need to know about our teas inspired by champagne and the Champagne region.

The varietal teas: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier are 3 green teas.

What do they have in common? The wine lees extract they contain, originally used in our "Millésime" fragrance, to further accentuate the oenological dimension of these delicious creations.

These 3 teas can be enjoyed both hot (2 minutes at 70/75°c maximum) and iced. Simply leave your tea to infuse for 2 hours in water at room temperature or overnight in the fridge to obtain a perfect iced tea, without bitterness and even lighter in theine, thus offering you 2 different aromatic expressions from the same product.

This iced tea can be used on its own but can also be used in cocktails and mocktails.

Another Reims speciality to discover with our "Pain d'Epices de Reims, Orange et Chocolat" tea, a delicious blend of black and green tea, full of spices, orange, chocolate and pieces of Reims gingerbread (available in a vegan version without gingerbread).

Already very good in its simple version, don't hesitate to add even more deliciousness by tasting it in a Chaï version: with milk and sugar.

Brew your tea in 2/3 water at 95°C for 3 minutes, then add 1/3 hot milk (animal or vegetable) and sweeten to taste. Adjust the water/milk proportions as you wish.

Our most original and unexpected creation, the first incense tea.

"La Cathédrale des Sacres", an organic white tea infused with incense, the same as the one used in the cathedral.

With a very surprising nose, as this note is very unusual in the food industry, it offers a light and typical liquor, where the incense will develop its resinous, citrus, mineral and delicately peppery facets.

A tea for connoisseurs or the curious, but above all a gastronomic tea: it can be cooked!

It will surprise you in marinades, sauces or even powdered in fats: butter, cream etc.

It goes very well with seafood (fish marinade, infusion of soy sauce for sushi for example, in ceviche etc) It can also be used as a low temperature infusion in cream for ganaches and whipped cream.

Just make sure you don't heat it up too much and if you use it pulverised, keep a light hand to control the bitterness of the tea, as with matcha.

Here again, let your creativity speak for itself.

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