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The candles

In order to fully appreciate your candle, we recommend that you burn your candle until its entire surface is liquid in order to avoid the formation of a "well".

To preserve the fragrance, do not let your candle burn more than 3 hours in a row during the first third and 1 to 2 hours in a row during the rest of the candle.

Place your candle away from drafts. Keep your candles out of the reach of children, curtains, and pets.

Keep the wax clean, remove any debris from the wick, match, dust that may fall into the wax.

If the wick is off-center, gently re-center it when the wax is still melted.

If smoke appears or the flame flickers, cut off the ends of the wicks. It should always be clean and not more than 5mm.

Protect the surface on which your candle is placed (with a plate or a tray for example).

To protect the glass, do not burn your candle to the end, always leave at least half a centimeter of unmelted wax.

Keep your candle in a dry and temperate place, between 15 and 25 ° C and away from UV.

Never let a candle burn without attention.

Ventilate your interior regularly.


Burn your incense in a well ventilated room, ideally open windows.

Light the end of a leaf on 1/4 of its height, blow when the combustion is well started and place it on a base allowing to keep it straight (cup filled with salt, sand metal clamp) all on a resistant support in the heat.

Lampyre incense contains neither saltpetre nor charcoal (oxidizer) unlike most commercial incenses, its combustion may therefore not be homogeneous if the initial ignition is not sufficient. In the event of incomplete combustion (partially burned sheet), all you need to do is recover the remaining part once it has completely cooled down and ignite it again.

Place your incense away from drafts. Keep out of reach of children, curtains and pets.

Les Joyaux et Fragrants Délices

Take the amount appropriate to the size of your perfume burner.

Let melt 10 to 15 minutes depending on the size of the room then turn off your incense burner, the wax will freeze while cooling and can be used many times.

Do not place the tea light too close to the wax.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Ventilate your interior regularly

Eau de Parfums for the Home

Household use only, do not apply to the skin or animals.

Spray in air or 30cm from support (curtains, rugs, etc.) not sensitive to alcohol.

For an application on delicate woodwork and material, test on an invisible part to check

Keep out of reach of children protected from UV and all sources of heat, sparks or flame: extremely flammable liquids and vapors.

Product which can cause an allergic reaction: consult the list of allergens on the bottle.

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