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Grégory Piaud de Glencoe

Parfumeur autodidacte, celte d'origine et rémois par alliance, j'ai créé  Lampyre : un hommage à ma ville d'adoption, Reims,

"la cité des Sacres" mais pas seulement,puisque je puise aussi mon inspiration dans mes voyages et mes rencontres. Lampyre est une marque rémoise mais ouverte sur le monde.


Lampyre is inspired by art nouveau, a magnificent and timeless artistic current that is dear to me, and very linked to Reims by some of the master's creations in the matter: Alfonse Mucha.


Lampyre takes its name from the Lampyridae, a family comprising fireflies (their stylized wings make up the brand's logo) and glow worms, these beings carrying light and heat.

Etymologically Lampyre means "to Shine", but all the brightness of Lampyre is made of perfumes, an olfactory light which diffuses its perfumes.

All Lampyre products are handcrafted in Reims.


Ils nous font confiance

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